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An eavesdropping device
Our countermeasures technicians hail from the F.B.I. and other national security agencies. They are experienced in detecting and defeating devices using state-of-the-art methods and equipment.


National defense and technology companies are particularly desirable targets for domestic and foreign competitors.  Many are quite willing to operate outside legal boundaries to gain a competitive advantage or win a legal row, especially when they do not feel bound to honor U.S. laws.


A more serious threat may come from certain foreign intelligence agencies that may in fact be mandated by their governments to collect and pass economic/industrial intelligence to their own nation’s industries to help them be more competitive in the world arena.  Technology-rich U.S. companies are logical prime targets.

Thus, economic or industrial espionage, particularly through technical surveillances, can be perpetrated by any number of antagonists, private enterprises or a foreign government, against a client corporation or its individual officers. 

Companies sometimes detect indications of technical surveillance activities against them on their own, but usually they go undetected—unless they are discovered through active countermeasures.  It is simply good security practice for most companies to conduct unannounced, proactive, preventive countermeasures.

Inquesta’s countermeasures technicians hail from the F.B.I. and other national security agencies and have decades of training and experience detecting and defeating hostile technical surveillance activities. Your organization will receive top-flight countermeasures services with the latest technology that are equivalent to what sensitive U.S. government agencies conduct for themselves.


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