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Strategize in the competitive game

Rely on Inquesta to develop an accurate picture of your competitors and industry, and to discover insights you need to formulate sound strategies.


Most firms advertising competitive (business) intelligence services in fact assign investigators to the task rather than intelligence researchers. Investigators possess the skills and mindset for building a snapshot of an event in the past or, perhaps, an ongoing event in the present, through deduction, to identify the authors of an incident.​

While intelligence officers make frequent use of deductive skills to collect a sufficient number of facts, it's inductive reasoning that enables them to anticipate events.  They must “think outside of the box” and use sound logic to formulate highly probable assessments of reality (theories). Curiosity, industry knowledge, experience, wisdom, inductive logic and communication skills are the intelligence analyst’s stock in trade.

We know how to gather information about your rivals and market and how to interpret our findings into assessments your company can act on with confidence.

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