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A successful business needs to chart its course and steer around the threats lying in its environmental murk—through an intelligence process.


Whether your business is large or small, your success largely depends on how well you understand and control your environment and competitors. This begins with planning and ends with the rate of delivery of products and services that you have aimed for. Along the way is your need to keep abreast of environmental changes and the continuous flow of new competitors who could pose a threat to your organization's well-being.

You may or may not have a formal strategic or planning department, but a successful venture always has someone charting the organization's course and steering in the direction of its envisioned success...or risk failure. Competitive intelligence professionals act as their radar, seeing through the murk and detecting the threats.

To do this you will need a trained intelligence staff aligned with your company's objectives. Where you place such a staff in your company depends on the size and type of your business. Your company can operate entirely with an internal intelligence unit, you can outsource the function, or you could organize a hybrid intenal-external operation. Inquesta can help you organize a competitive intelligence unit, select and train the intelligence staff, and guide them as little or as much as necessary in:

   > Empirical research methodology

   > Cyber resources for competitor information

   > Intelligence gathering programs for your sales force

   > Intelligence analysis methods and reporting

   > Quarterback operations

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