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In the course of its work, Inquesta frequently produces publications and other items of interest to the security and risk management community. We post them here for sharing with clients and interested visitors. 

Sports Team Travel Security

by Jacques Island and Peter Tarlow, funded by a grant from the ASIS Foundation (May 2016)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This paper ​is the latest report in the ASIS Foundation's series of CRISP (Connecting Research in Security to Practice) reports that provide practical, researched-based solutions to help security professionals. CRISP reports are sister publications to those produced by Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) reports of the U.S. Department of Justice.


Aimed at STTS practitioners, it provides them with methods and tools to provide mobile security services to traveling athletic teams participating in all levels of competitive sports, from amateur and collegiate teams in practice or competition to pro sports participating in major events such as the Olympic Games, World Cups, and Super Bowls. It reviews and summarizes the existing STTS literature to identify the current literature available, review the current responses by public agencies and private security, synthesize the dispersed bits of relevant STTS wisdom, offer ways for measuring STTS activities, and identify future research needs.


The report can be viewed online and a PDF version can be downloaded from a link on the online report.

Geomagnetic Storms:
The Natural Threat to Our Energy Infrastructure

by Joseph Piñon and Jacques Island (April 2012)


A white paper targeted to the non-scientific community about the threat that geomagnetic storms pose to critical infrastructures in the U.S. and, indeed, worldwide. The primary focus is on the potential widespread damage that these storms can cause to electrical grids and other critical national resources, such as wireless communications and GPS. It provides a good overview of what geomagnetic storms are, what is being done about the threat, and what is left to do to avert or mitigate the next severe or extreme geomagnetic storm. 

This white paper is meant for emergency managers and executives of government and the private sector who provide or manage electricity, communications, healthcare, transportation, and public safety and health. 

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