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A world-class team protecting your people, assets, facilities and information ...

Worldwide assets for your protection

Inquesta's tradition is imbued with the global reach and proven practices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service. Our executives work in partnership with individuals, governments, businesses, universities and other organizations to optimize the results of client projects.  Our attributes include:


   > Clarity of purpose as we carefully articulate the objectives and expectations of clients


   > Integrity through a staff of vetted, former law enforcement and intelligence operatives


   > Subject matter expertise and skills


   > Speed and flexibility to react and deliver solutions in hostile or complex environments


   > Innovative solutions based on solid research and analysis


   > State-of-the-art technology​ and investigative methods


   > International reach with local knowledge


   > Transparency and confidentiality through our encrypted online management system

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