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Founded in 2001 and based in the Miami, Florida area — the gateway to Latin America — Inquesta is directed by former U.S. and state law enforcement officers and corporate executives. Inquesta provides clients with the information they need to make sound business decisions regarding their people, suppliers, partners, and competitors; and provides training and services to protect your intellectual, physical and human assets.



Our customers are at the top of our supply chain. Inquesta meets client needs by identifying, training and leading our network of employees and specialized contractors and consultants who apply Inquesta's quality procedures that follow industry best practices. Each assignment begins with a thorough review of a client's expectations and their preferred format for deliverables. Once a project is active we keep two things in mind: that we maintain a constant communication with the client to assure we stay on track or adapt to changing client needs, and we keep a razor focus on timelines to assure we meet deadlines. 


Although some clients prefer a completely hands-off approach and simply outsource the project to us expecting only quality, on-time deliverables, just as many prefer to participate in our progress and get interim deliverables for the work they have assigned to Inquesta. Our personnel receive their assignments, upload/download documents, report issues and findings, and keep time and expenses through Inquestask—our secure, encrypted, online project management and team collaboration system to manage our dispersed workforce. If they choose to, clients can view project progress and status, and securely receive electronic-version deliverables through Inquestask, or we can communicate through traditional channels if the client prefers.


Our staff is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and experienced in international assignments.

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