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Inquesta can provide you with the evidence you need for insurance rescission, protecting assets, recovering corporate losses, or to litigate successfully.

Malfeasance, malpractice and fraud directly affect companies and consumers either in revenue losses or increased insurance premiums. While most frauds are aimed at companies, insurance carriers or government programs, individuals can also be victims of scams or shady business deals. Our experience and credentials have prepared us to be your best source to investigate myriad schemes that include internal misappropriations of assets or money,  contract fraud, misrepresented stock deals, false claims, or product counterfeiting or diversions.


Inquesta’s network of exceptional investigators (most of them former Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal agencies) routinely deliver to the audit, quality control and legal departments of our clients the evidence they need to handle fraudulent claims or to litigate successfully. Some of the ways that our investigators and analysts can help you are:


  > Taking statements from claimants
  > Locating and interviewing witnesses
  > Identifying, procuring and handling documentary or physical evidence

  > Examination of questionable documents for legitimacy or evidence

  > Forensic testing/examination of financial records for evidence of fraud
  > Trial/mediation preparation
  > Special operations that include surveillances and undercover scenarios
  > Polygraph examinations


Our experience uniquely qualifies us to service the legal, financial, health care and telecommunications industries. Decades of experience investigating fraud in these industries for federal prosecutors and corporate clients have honed our skills to acquire the proof you need when fraud is present. In addition to government criminal investigation experience, Inquesta’s investigators may also be certified by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (

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