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Tradeshows are intelligence goldmines

Inquesta's staff is highly experienced in intelligence collection and analysis. We can plan a project and train your intelligence crew to use conferences and trade shows to your advantage.


Trade shows and industry conferences offer unique opportunities to view the products and technology of companies in your industry, and sometimes the future plans of competitors. Intelligence activities that exploit such events are known as "Quarterback Operations," a term taken from military intelligence, who originated the technique to collect targeted information during scientific conferences and industry events.

What makes conferences and trade shows such treasure troves is that they bring together so many peers and competitors together at once—for a concentrated period of time—to proudly discuss their achievements and display their technology. Such events are also excellent venues to scan your industry's horizon for newcomers and possible environmental changes.   


Exploiting such events successfully requires preparation and a solid plan of action. A quarterback operation achieves a client's stated intelligence objectives through a team comprised of a project manager, collectors, analysts and administrative support working in concert on site and communicating throughout the compact event.


Although it can be started in less time, the planning, preparation and training should, ideally, begin months before the actual event to assure an ethical and successful outcome. We can help your management define your company's intelligence requirements and organize, train and lead your quarterback team.

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