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Online Meeting Portal

Inquesta uses Zoho Meeting to communicate with clients, partners, associates and employees. This is a convenient and effective way to make presentations, troubleshoot issues and collaborate among our project team members. 

We're glad to see you here. If you've been invited to a meeting and were asked to navigate to this page...please click on the button to the right to join the meeting. If the session has not started just wait for the presenter. Once the presenter has started a meeting you will be prompted to "knock" to get in.


The world times below are to help teleconference participants coordinate meetings in different time zones and know others' times during meetings.

New York:  same

Montreal:  same

Chicago:  EST-1

San Franciso:  EST-3

Mexico City:  EST-1

Bogota:  same

Caracas:  EST+0:30

Santiago:  EST+2

Sao Paolo:  EST+3

Amsterdam:  GMT+1

Copenhagen: GMT+1

Tallinn:  GMT+2

Casablanca:  same

Lisbon:  same

Madrid:  GMT+1

Rome:  GMT+1

Paris:  GMT+1

Cape Town:  GMT+2

St. Petersburg: same

Bratislava:  MSK-3

Buchrest:  MSK-2

​Athens:  MSK-2​

Istanbul:  MSK-2
Jerusalem:  MSK-2

Cairo:  MSK-2

Dubai:  same

Riyadh:  MSK-1

Yekaterinburg: IST+0:30

Omsk:  IST+1:30​

Tashkent:  IST-0:30

Kabul:  IST-1

Karachi:  IST-0:30

Mumbai:  same

Irkutsk:  CST+1

Shanghai:  same

Taipei:  same

Hong Kong:   same

Hanoi:  CST-1

Bangkok:  CST-1

Manila:  same

Singapore:  same

Bali:  same

Seoul:  same

Taipei:  same

Sidney:  same

Canberra:  JST+2

Darwin:  JST+0:30

Perth:  JST-1

Auckland:  JST+4

Christchurch:  JST+4

Juneau:  AKST+1

Honolulu:  AKST-1









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