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Inquesta is a dynamic and growing network of talented subject matter experts. If you feel you qualify, you're invited to apply to join our team.



Inquesta is a risk management and security consulting company that provides clients in the U.S. and internationally with services and solutions in the following general disciplines:


   > Compliance consulting for Red Flags, GLBA, FCPA, HIPAA, and FERPA regulations


   > Homeland Security training at federal, state and municipal levels of government


   > Risk assessments and gap analysis for transportation, telecom, energy, healthcare and banking 


   > Fraud control and examinations including prevention, detection and asset recovery


   > Force protection and dignitary protection operations in foreign high-risk areas


If you are experienced in one or more or these disciplines you could be a fit for our team and we would like to hear from you. Please submit your resume or curriculum vitae to our administrative office for consideration. We will get back to you within a few days.


Even if we don't have a project that you can immediately participate in, we may add your skills and experience to our database for future opportunities. Click here to correspond with us, or email attachments to

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