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Crowds at sporting arenas invite terrorists

Special events and conferences are seldom one organization activities. Inquesta can lead in organizing and managing them, or it can cooperate effectively with others to render exceptional security.

Special events and conferences can be relatively small private affairs; highly complex, multi-national, multi-faceted events with numerous agencies and companies in operation; or something in-between. Cooperation among the participants is paramount. Your company’s security operatives may or may not be the “lead” in organizing and executing the event, but they should be flexible and practiced in the protocols that result in cooperation between all the participants. Above all, your security operators should be ready and able to blend into whatever role—as lead or otherwise—is appropriate for the event and your organization’s part in it.


Inquesta is that company: resilient, resourceful, tactfully influential and ready to lead when and as necessary to assure your security and the success of the event.

The events our operatives have covered include political, diplomatic, entertainment, faith-based, and sporting events where crowd sizes have ranged from hundreds to thousands of spectators. Our special events operators are experienced in—

Uniformed security officers are almost always a component of the security force during special events, as may be on-duty and off-duty local police officers and other law enforcement elements; even military units could be involved, especially abroad. A part of Inquesta’s event planning and management functions are to assimilate and manage uniformed resources into the security mix. When uniformed services are in order, Inquesta can call on affiliated uniformed guard companies to assist it; and Inquesta maintains ongoing working relations with law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad who are likely to work on Inquesta projects.


The organization and management of multi-jurisdictional and multi-faceted operations, like special events and conferences, is the cornerstone and tradition of Inquesta’s former U.S. Secret Service, Diplomatic Security Service and F.B.I. operatives who will manage your event.


   > Pre-event planning

   > Organization and structure
   > Threat assessments  

   > Site surveys

   > Communications
   > Logistics
   > Access controls
   > Screening of personnel

   > Physical security measures

   > Transportation and traffic control

   > Tactical teams and support
   > Crisis management   

   > Protectie operations

   > Public and media relations
   > Crowd control
   > Command and control
   > Training

   > Post-event activities

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