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Access controls are used to maintain order, control property losses and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Keeping your employees and facility secure is a top priority for any business owner. A facility access control system is one of the most efficient ways to not only prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your business, but also to manage employee access. 

It's not practical to give each employee their own set of keys. An access control system is a better option, as it lets employees enter locked facilities with specialized credentials – such as a key card, PIN, key fob or mobile phone app – that they input into a reader to unlock the door. 

Biometrics are a better way to identify people. It is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics. The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. The basic premise of biometric authentication is that every person can be accurately identified by his or her intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. 


Authentication by biometric verification is becoming increasingly common in corporate and public security systems, consumer electronics and point-of-sale applications. In addition to security, the driving force behind biometric verification has been convenience, as there are no passwords to remember or security tokens to carry. Some biometric methods, such as measuring a person's gait, can operate with no direct contact with the person being authenticated.

Inquesta enables your facilities to manage and control its personnel and assets through a full range of access controls both within your company walls and in the external spaces like road or driveways that lead to structures.