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We mitigate security issues in high threat areas
Facility surveys prepare your company for potential crisis and disasters. And protective advance teams precede executives and work teams traveling to high threat areas to assure a safe environment.

Inquesta enables companies to do business in challenging and emerging markets through thorough security planning and risk and crisis management. Our experience in managing critical situations in dangerous and high-threat environments as military operators and diplomatic security agents equips us especially well to help your company make informed business decisions and to mitigate the risks that can hinder your commercial success. We can perform:


   > Security Surveys. Our in-depth threat and vulnerability assessments of industrial and office sites

      look at the short-, mid-, and long-term risks that commercial or government facilities could face.

      Once identified, we develop strategies and training programs to prepare you for them. If a facility

      is not sufficiently “hardened” we will recommend cost-effective, risk-based options to shore up the

      weaknesses. In the case of regulated industries, such as air and maritime transportation, we can

      assure that you meet the regulatory requirements.


   > Protective Security Advances. Frequently your needs will be more immediate, such as the

      security of traveling executives or work teams into potentially dangerous areas plagued by crime,

      political instability or war. Inquesta’s experienced former U.S. Secret Service and Diplomatic

      Security and military operatives have been battle tested in these scenarios.

      Each of our protective security assignments in high-threat areas is preceded by a threat analysis

      that considers the crime, economic, and political currents and history of the region, and includes

      the operational intelligence gathered from our internal research and our advance team’s liaisons

      with regional law enforcement and intelligence officials, and information from U.S. Government

      resources we have available. An advance team personally assesses each of the facilities, service

      personnel, and transportation means and routes to assure a safe stay in the region.

      Advances are particularly important when your company personnel are to participate in special

      events—be they a sports, inaugural or political event—as guests, spectators or functionaries.

   > Pathfinding. Your strategic moves into new markets can a part of our advance work. Coupled

      with our competitive intelligence services, we can go beyond pure security concerns and into the

      commercial and regulatory spheres to spearhead your search for new commercial ventures or



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