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Tolerating suspected misappropriation may encourage others into the same. Inquesta has the experience to detect and remedy internal shenanigans.

Sooner or later organizations of all sizes are likely to face the problem of misappropriations: the intentional, illegal use of your property or funds; or the conversion of your assets to someone else’s control.


Misappropriations result in unauthorized costs to your organization, eat away at your earnings and, at its worst, one or more dishonest employees can drive the company into a financial crisis or even bankruptcy.


Tolerating suspected or known misappropriation may encourage others in the company to also game the system. What sometimes starts as an isolated problem with one employee can become a widespread practice that undermines the company’s integrity and, if left unchecked, can leave honest employees demoralized.


Our staff have acquired decades of experience investigating all sorts of financial crimes and malfeasance by employees in government and in regulated financial institutions. We can help organizations determine the facts, identify culpable individuals, characterize the scheme, and help the client take internal administrative action or, if the client prefers, prepare a succinct and compelling case for prosecutors.


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