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Diverted and pirated products

Inquesta's international network of investigators can help you ferret out and check product diversions and counterfeiting.

Products intended and priced for one market are oftentimes reshipped—diverted—to another market in violation of a contract, regulation or law. Resellers of diverted products are typically motivated by the higher profits such goods generate in a different market than they were intended for.


In many ways a similar problem, piracy involves the illegal reproduction of known brand items. Usually pirated products are cheap fakes of legitimate things that are represented to be genuine and are offered at bargain prices that still generate great profits for the counterfeiters. 

Luxury items, such as salon products, music or video files, or jewelry and watches, are the most commonly diverted and counterfeited. But almost anything, including pharmaceuticals and clothing, can be found counterfeited, or diverted to unlicensed distributors or unauthorized markets.


Inquesta’s international network of investigators have the experience and resources to ferret out diversion and piracy operations. We identify the perpetrators and operatives and, at a client’s request, we can cooperate with local law enforcement authorities when feasible.


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