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Did you read the fine print?

Trust Inquesta to support your audit deparment when fraud is suspected. We can help you reestablish the integrity of your procurement process.

If your company contracts out work regularly, chances are that some measure of fraud has occurred or is occurring within your procurement system. You rely on managers and contracting officers to act in your company’s best interest in identifying the most qualified and competitive vendors to provide the goods and services your company needs to conduct your business. Typically, your profit margin is eroded when the cost-of-goods-and-services from contractors is pushed higher because of a fraudulent scheme. And employee collusion is what makes most contract fraud possible.

Inquesta fraud investigators are experienced and knowledgeable about procurement systems. We frequently work with our clients’ audit departments who may already have performed much of the initial research and will have detected the anomalies, suspicious transactions or communications that inspire them to engage us as independent fraud investigators to test their suspicions or identify schemes that the initial research did not detect.

Just as frequently we are engaged from the beginning when a client learns of one single suspicious event. Then we evaluate the procurement cycle from presolicitation, to bidding and contract performance to detect anomalies and audit the system to determine if that one suspicious event was isolated or if it is linked to a more pervasive scheme.

Trust Inquesta’s long experience supporting Federal prosecutors and the audit departments of client companies to help you reestablish the integrity of your procurement system if you suspect fraud.


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