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Prevent hiring unqualified people who falsify or exaggerate resumes. An even worse problem is the hiring of individuals whose histories are incompatible with your company.


Detecting resume fraud, criminal convictions and past terminations is critical to a sound personnel program. It reduces operational risk before and after the hire. This is especially so in the case of candidate or incumbent executives, of personnel handling sensitive intellectual property or corporate finances, or simply workers engaged in potentially volatile or sensitive jobs.


Inquesta provides peace of mind about the integrity of applicants with our background investigation (BI) services that include three avenues of investigation:

> Background checks through our "KYC Solutions" (Know Your Crew) division at

> "Live Scan" fingerprint-based background checks that return Florida Level 2 and FBI "rap sheets"

> Full-field background street investigations to verify the identities of potential and existing hires, probe

   professional and academic claims, and discover character issues that can affect job performance.


Inquesta is directed by an experienced former Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) and U.S. Foreign Service agent who performed and managed a variety of cases, from delicate U.S. presidential appointment background investigations to the more routine national security pre-employment investigations for the F.B.I. and other national security agencies. Our international network of experienced former U.S. agents, or foreign law enforcement officers, are the backbone of BI services. We assure objectivity through strict supervision and a quality control re-verifications process.

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