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June, 2012 - Inquesta completes energy assurance contract for Florida


In mid-2011 the Inquesta Corporation teamed with Watch House International to bid on and win a contract with the State of Florida's Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) to develop and produce the "Florida Energy Assurance Planning Tralning and Exercises" project.  This project is probably the first emergency management exercise that used a geomagnetic storm as the trigger for a catastrophic event.


Awarded in August, 2011, the project was kicked off in earnest on the first work day of 2012 and ran through May. It was multi-faceted and included facilitated training (through webinars), in-person workshops for all of Florida's counties in each of the seven emergency regions in Florida, and a final three-day project capstone event — a tabletop exerciese (TTX) that was held in the  Crowne Plaza Oceanfront Resort and Spa in Melbourne, Florida.


The three-day TTX in Melbourne, held from April 17 through April 19, was much more than a tabletop exercise. It began with a full day of presentations by distinguished leaders of energy assurance and scientists, followed by a panel discussion, on the topic of solar and geomagnetic storms. The educational day was full of videos and visual aids, and the crowd of participants peppered the fast pace of the program with incisive questions.


For those who missed this great event, all is not lost, because the proceedings were recorded in high quality video that will soon become available from the State of Florida for continuing training purposes. Much of the material, is already available for immediate viewing or download from, a website that was created specifically for this project. This website's "Resources" section provides technical documents, presentations and videos about geomagnetic storms that were produced for the facilitated training webinars and regional workshops.

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