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Protective security operator in a high theat area.

Inquesta provides effective protection for executives and work forces in all environments, including high-threat regions.

Companies must frequently arrange for their own personal and force protection services in high-risk regions because many host-country governments are simply incapable of providing effective protection, or they may even be a part of the problem. Inquesta can render flexible, discreet and effective protective operations and training for your personnel that parallels the best practices of U.S. federal agencies. Our protective teams are headed by former U.S. Secret Service and Diplomatic Security Service agents and military special operators who provide—

   > Security advances

   > Intelligence collection and assessments

   > Personal (tactical) protection
   > Protection of vehicles and other assets
   > Residential security

   > Venue, hotel & office security
   > Electronic security measures and devices
   > Dedicated security teams
   > Dedicated family teams
   > Emergency response teams
   > Counter and protective surveillance teams
   > Secured meetings


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