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Threats and hazzards are everywhere

We provide discreet services, operating much as we did when protecting U.S. ambassadors and other diplomats who need to go about their business without fanfare—but securely.

High net worth individuals are not unlike celebrities—except that, in most cases, they do not seek publicity and notoriety, even though these cannot always be avoided given their prominent roles in their communities, industries and politics.

The activities and recognition of prominent individuals increases the risk to themselves and their families. They can attract the attention of extortionists and kidnappers, or the wrath of malcontent subordinates or rivals seeking to defame. If not managed correctly, a simple personal incident that would normally be viewed as inconsequential can be magnified into a scandal when a prominent individual is involved. News media headlines too often show this to be the case.

Here are some facts that should be kept in mind by high net worth individuals and high profile executives:

   > They run a much higher risk of kidnapping in the U.S. and, much more so, abroad.


   > The greatest vulnerability to kidnapping (or worse) is while transiting to or from locations

      habitually frequented, such as their residences or places of business.


   > All members of the family are at risk including the children, both young and adult.


   > The risk of kidnapping is much greater during international travel, particularly to certain high-crime

      regions, where local protection is unavailable or ineffective and the traveler simply stands out. 


The point to remember is that high net worth individuals and executives need discreet but effective protection from both internal and external threats. Internally, many a case has emanated from an opportunistic household employee, and even an extended family member with a grudge. The external threat includes a host of malevolent actors that can include petty criminals, organized criminals, insurgent forces and terrorists. And in more than a few countries members of the local police may be in cahoots with kidnappers.

Inquesta provides effective consulting and tactical services for our clients both in the U.S. and abroad. In these situations we operate much as we did while protecting U.S. ambassadors and other diplomats who need to go about their business without fanfare—but securely. Or, on the few times it becomes necessary, we can put on a deterring show of force. These services include:

   > Threat and vulnerability assessments
  > Counter-surveillance training and preparation
  > Residential and office surveys
  > Continuity planning and emergency response
  > Screening of personnel
  > Assisting in the identification and selection of a security manager
  > Advances, communications and logistics
  > Personal protection tactical teams
  > Training of your own security force


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